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3in1 Knife Peeling Cutting Board Set.

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  • EXTREMELY LIGHTWEIGHT: Another big advantage of this paring knife with a stainless blade is its lightweight. This makes it very comfortable to use. The soft handle is also well-balanced and with a comfortable grip.

  • VERY HYGIENIC: The stainless blade of this kitchen paring knife is resistant to rust, acids, and oils. Additionally, it will not leave a metallic smell or taste on your food as steel knives do. It is also very easy to clean. All you need to do is rinse this paring knife with cover after use.

  • FOOD GRADE MATERIALS. They can with stand temperatures up to 230F or 110C and are popular with restaurant chefs, senior living communities, and families across the country.

  • Knives are sharp, No need to grind, No rust, and harder than regular steel. Multipurpose for slicing boneless meats, fruits, vegetables, etc.