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Aluminum Alloy/Stainless Steel Manual Hand Press Juicer Squeezer Household Fruit Juicer Extractor Machine Kitchen Tools&Gadgets

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Substantial Multipurpose Squeezer: A glass of newly crushed juice in the first part of the day guarantees a lot more brilliant and useful day. Get it going with the Zulay Kitchen Pomegranate Juicer! Made with premium quality material that is impervious to rust and consumption. Ideal for squeezing pomegranates, grapes, oranges, lemons, limes, watermelons, grapefruit, pomelos, and pretty much any organic product you can consider!

Easy to use Design: Our without bpa manual squeezer is planned with a wide angular spout for a lot simpler and speedier pouring, killing any spillage while moving your juice into a cup or pitcher. Its long and agreeable handle is ergonomically intended to permit great influence when applying power during pressing.

Effortleass Juice Extraction: This set accompanies a separable food-grade sifter for sifting through seeds, making it simpler to appreciate every single drop of juice from your new produce. The squeezer’s construct is strong and solid. Went with its slip-safe base, this kitchen instrument makes your juice extraction proficient and successful.

Simple To Clean: After utilizing, the handle can be handily taken out for helpful cleaning and putting away. Hand wash just, dishwasher isn’t suggested. Amazing to use at home, in eateries, or juice bars.

No Hassle, Zulay Guarantee: We love and invest heavily in our Citrus Squeezer and we back this up with a lifetime ensure. In the event that there are at any point any issues, simply reach us and we will make it right. Request now and be guaranteed that this item will satisfy your hopes, ensured. On the off chance that it doesn’t, we got you covered (even after the Amazon bring window back). Odds are, you won’t ever have to connect!