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New Cockroach Trap Box For Catching Insects Etc.

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  • 1PC Non-Toxic Cockroach Trap Roach Killer Catcher Physical Capture Reusable Safety for Kids and Pets Eco-Friendly Control Bait1.SAFE FOR BOTH KIDS AND PETS- Cockroaches are caught in a physical way and there’s no need for poisons such as boric-acid spray, which can harm what it is not intended for. It is an eco-friendly trap method with no pollution effects.2.COST EFFECTIVE AND DURABLE- It is a reusable cockroach trap, meaning you’ll not need to spend money on poisons, glue traps, or sprays for many years.3.EASY TO USE- All you need to do is put bait, cover the lid, and then just place the cockroach trap in a convenient location.