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Refreshing Cooling Ring In Summer Reusable Neck Cooler Ring.

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High-quality material can effectively slow down temperature loss and keep warm for longer

No need for batteries, just put in ice water, freezer, refrigerator to cool

This product can be used in direct contact with the skin after being frozen in the refrigerator. The surface does not fog or drop, the temperature is always around 18 degrees, and it is very comfortable to wear! If ordinary water is put in the refrigerator and then taken out, it cannot be used directly on the skin, it will be very cold! Our cold neck rings are made of a special liquid and are very comfortable to wear in direct contact with the skin!

Enjoy 2-3 hours of cooling indoors and 1-2 hours outdoors. The cooling time varies depending on the external environment. By maintaining optimal cooling temperatures, the new material has no risk of skin necrosis or frostbite

Wide range of use: suitable for most sports and outdoor activities, such as jogging, golfing, fishing, basketball, cycling, hiking, driving, etc.