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Silicone V Face Facial Lifter Double Chin Slim Skin Care Tool

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1. Dilute the nasolabial folds, exercise the face to shrink the masseter muscle and lift the apple muscle, and the masseter muscle changes between breaths to help improve the nasolabial folds on both sides of the nose. Through stretching exercises, strengthen and shape your chin line, and reduce the double chin to make you more confidence
2. Odor-free silicone material. Made of safe material, after receiving the goods, open the package and rinse with warm water before use (do not boil with high temperature water).
3. The large caliber is easy to clean, and the fingers can deeply clean the stains. It is soft and elastic, and it is easy to breathe. The material is soft and skin-friendly. Wash it after use and leave it to air dry.