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Anti-winding Magic Laundry Balls - Pack of 5

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  • ENVIRONMENTALLY AND FAMILY FRIENDLY - the Eco Hi-Ball is an alternative detergent that does not have any harmful chemicals, making it safer for babies, young children and better for the environment
  • REMOVES STAINS, DIRT, ODORS FROM BOTH YOUR CLOTHES & YOUR WASHING MACHINE - the neutralization features of the product reduces stains, dirt and more on clothes, in the washer, and in the drain. It also cleanses the water of most debris and inanimate contaminants, making the water that goes down the drain easier to filter and reuse
  • GREAT VALUE! SAVES YOU MONEY - the eco friendly laundry ball lasts for up to 1000 washes! That?s around 3 years if you use it almost everyday! Just think of all of the money you will save in detergent!
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL WASHERS ? Whether your washing machine is a top loader or a high-efficiency front loader, these Eco Hi-Ball Laundry Balls will get your wash clean without leaving residue behind.
  • SOFT ON SENSITIVE SKIN - the absence of harsh, harmful chemicals makes the clothing that comes out of the washer better for the sensitive skin of babies, young children, and those with sensitive skin