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Multi-function Hand Rotary Vegetable Cutter.

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  • 1、Efficient Work: It gives you a storm-style vegetable cutting experience, cutting longer wire and faster. Not only is the appearance, but its effect is also more outstanding. If shaken in a circle, it can cut about 44 times.
  • 2、Enclosed and Healthy: Coming with an enclosed space design, never worry about hand injuries anymore. In line with the safety requirements of food-grade kitchen utensils, it is a good choice for quality.
  • 3、Multiple Functions: Shredding, slicing, flattening, and flouring. Four functions in one!machine with multiple functions to deal with a variety of ingredients. It makes cooking easier, giving you all kinds of enjoyment.
  • 4、Convenient to Use: Coming with a longer caliber, it is more convenient to add ingredients into this caliber directly. Besides, it is no need to change the cutter.
  • 5、Latch Design: The cutter barrel holder will automatically lift the cutter if you press it. The cutter can be replaced quickly and safely without hurting your hands.