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Pack of 10 Measuring Cups and Measuring Spoons

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  • Small and lightweight, easy to store.
  • 10PCS Measuring Cup Spoon - Measuring Cup and Spoon Set - 10PCS Black Plastic Measuring Spoons Cups Measuring Set Tools for Baking Coffee Kitchenware Tool.
  • 10 PCS plastic measuring cup and spoon set for kitchen baking.
  • This set provides quick measurements, saving your time.
  • Plastic material, durable and harmless.
  • Each cup or spoon is clearly marked with sizes.
  • Ideal for measuring wet and dry ingredients to ensure consistency in food preparation.
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Black
  • Cup capacity: 1/8cup(15ml), 1/4cup(62ml), 1/3cup(83ml), 1/2cup(125ml), 1cup(250ml)
  • Spoon capacity: 1/4sp(0.6ml), 1/2sp(1.2ml), 1tsp(2.5ml), 1/2tbsp(5ml), 1tbsp(7.5ml)
  • Package included:1 set (10pcs).