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Pack of 12 - Art Supply Childs Plastic Crayon Colors

Pack of 12 - Art Supply Childs Plastic Crayon Colors

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Colorful Creativity: Pack of 12 Child-Safe Plastic Crayon Colors

Unleash your child's artistic potential with our Pack of 12 Child-Safe Plastic Crayon Colors, designed to inspire creativity and fun. These vibrant and durable crayons are specially crafted for little hands, ensuring a comfortable grip and smooth coloring experience. Made from non-toxic materials, they offer a safe and worry-free way for kids to explore their imagination through colorful creations. Whether for school projects, rainy-day activities, or simply expressing creativity, this assortment of bright hues encourages endless artistic adventures while nurturing your child's love for art.

Key Features :

  1. 12 Vivid Colors: A diverse range of hues sparks imagination and allows for varied artistic expression in coloring projects.
  2. Child-Friendly Design: Ergonomically shaped for little hands, these plastic crayons offer an easy and comfortable grip, promoting prolonged artistic engagement.
  3. Safe and Non-Toxic: Made from non-toxic materials, these crayons ensure worry-free creativity, suitable for children of all ages.
  4. Durable and Smooth Application: Their sturdy construction provides durability while delivering smooth and even coloring on paper or other surfaces.
  5. Educational and Recreational: Ideal for both educational purposes and recreational activities, these crayons facilitate learning through art and foster creativity.
  6. Mess-Free and Convenient: Plastic material ensures cleanliness and ease of use, preventing messy hands while offering a hassle-free coloring experience for kids.
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